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Merger of St. Andrew and Trinity - 1947


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Trinity Voting Ballots  |  1947 Merger Agreement Documents
"A Story of Progress"  |   Diagrams from "A Story of Progress"  |  
Handwritten notes by Gordon A. Telzrow
  |  Early Covenant Members

Trinity Voting Ballots

On October 16, 1946 St. Andrew's Evangelical Lutheran Church notified Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church that their membership had voted in favor of merging the two congregations. Documentation indicates that the members of Trinity were not all in favor of the idea. Ballot cards in Covenant archives include some with comments for and against the merger.


1947 Merger Agreement Documents

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"A Story of Progress"

After the two congregations officially united to create“The Lutheran Church of the Covenant” the Voters Assembly asked the pastors, Rev. Oehlschlager and Rev. Swigart to prepare a report about the road ahead and the plans for the construction of the new building.

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Diagrams from "A Story of Progress"

Libby Road Diagram 1 Libby Road Diagram 2

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Handwritten notes by Gordon A. Telzrow

These pages were found in the archives with the "A Story of Progress" booklet. Gordon Telzrow's insights into the land purchases are very interesting (especially the prices!!)

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Early Covenant Members


On June 12, 1948 Audrey Mandat & Richard Etling were the first couple married in the merged congregation.
(Photo from 1967)


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Our First 100 Years

  Our website features articles about the long, rich history of The Lutheran Church of the Covenant, including its founding congregations, St. Andrew Lutheran Church of Cleveland, which was founded in 1912, and Trinity Lutheran Church of Maple Heights, which was founded in 1920. Please use the links below to learn more.

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