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Church History

Formation of The Lutheran Church of the Covenant

St Andrew photo

  The roots of Lutheran Church of the Covenant reach back to April 23, 1912, the date on which St. Andrew's Church of Cleveland, Ohio was organized. Under the blessing of God and the able pastorate of the Rev. Walter A. Auping, the congregation grew and prospered, becoming permanently established in a Bungalow-Chapel on Miles Park. Avenue.

  As early as 1919 members of St. Andrew's, living in Maple Heights, recognized the mission possibilities in their own community; and by 1920 the English District Mission Board had been persuaded to call a missionary to this field, with the local members of St. Andrew's serving as a nucleus for the new congregation. The Rev. Richard P. Oehlschlaeger, just out of service as a Camp Pastor during World War I, accepted the call. Under his able leadership Trinity Lutheran Church of Maple Heights, Ohio, was organized and established in the basement church on Friend Avenue. Trinity continued to grow and prosper during the ensuing years.

Trinity Lutheran photo

  In March of 1941, the Lord called the Rev. Walter A. Auping to his eternal rest. The Rev. Philip F. Swigart succeeded him as Pastor of St. Andrew's.

  Five years later St. Andrew's Evangelical Lutheran Church petitioned Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church to consider the possibility of merging the two congregations, in order to relocate in the new and rapidly developing residential area to the east in Maple Heights. The merger was effected on March 17, 1947, the new congregation being incorporated under the name "The Lutheran Church of the Covenant." The Rev. Messrs. Oehlschlaeger and Swigart continued as associated pastors of The Lutheran Church of the Covenant, until The Rev. Richard P. Oehlschlaeger's retirement on February 20, 1949.

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Walter Auping 1912-1941
Richard Oehlschlaeger 1920-1949
Phillip Swigart 1941-1953
Cyril Wismar 1953-1969
Wendell Peterson 1969-1974 Assistant
Omar Stuenkel 1970-1980
Larry Klinker 1977-1978 Assistant
Robert Carr 1979-1982 Assistant
Paul Heckman 1981-1990
David Beese Jan.-Sept. 1983 Assistant
Richard Israel 1983-1993 Assistant
Joseph Rinderknecht 1990-2008
Kenneth Anderson 2008-2009 Interim
Abraham D. Allende 2009-2014
Kenneth Anderson 2014-2015 Interim
Bradley Ross 2017-



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Our First 100 Years

  Our website features articles about the long, rich history of The Lutheran Church of the Covenant, including its founding congregations, St. Andrew Lutheran Church of Cleveland, which was founded in 1912, and Trinity Lutheran Church of Maple Heights, which was founded in 1920. Please use the links below to learn more.

Church History 1912 St. Andrew 1920 Trinity Lutheran 1947 Merger
1950 Construction 1951 Dedication of Building 1957 Education Wing Other Fixtures